2016 In Review- The Worst Year in the 21st Century?

After two consecutive disappointing seasons of the Bachelorette and the Bachelor I’m just about done with 2016. This has been an absolute nightmare. Don’t you worry, I’m going to prove my case.

For starters, the fallen legends.

David Bowie. A hero in every right.

Alan Rickman. How dare you take our Snape away.

Alan Rickman

Prince. Crying purple tears.

Harper Lee. To kill our souls even more.

Gene Wilder. Took us beyond our imagination.

Muhammad Ali. Delivered one last punch.

Second up, Politics.

Brexit. Proving that British bigotry is still alive and well.

Trump becomes the Republican Nominee. Start building your bomb shelter now.

Pauline Hanson takes the Australian Senate. The red-headed mongrel is back.

Turkey Coup. Turkey’s armed forces attempted to bring down President Tayyip Erdogan.

*Disclaimer. I could be here all day, so these are my top 4.

Three, Terror.

ISIS forces attack Deir ez-Zor, Syria. Killing between 130-300 Syrian army members as well as women and children.

ISIS executes 300 activists, police and military personnel in Mosul, Iraq. Rot in hell you unholy scum.

Brussels Bombing. 32 killed, 340 injured.

Seventy-two people, including 29 children, killed in a suicide bombing at the largest public park in Lahore, Pakistan. Seriously?

Orlando Shooting. 50 shot dead in a gay nightclub. In a year of full of hate, this was the last thing we needed.

Trio of suicide bombs at Istanbul Airport. 45 killed, 200 injured. 

US Police kill 193 African Americans. Black lives matter.


Bastille Day Attack, Nice. 77 people killed after a truck drives through a crowd.

That’s up to July, but I don’t have the strength to continue.

A Few Other Highlights

Zika Virus Goes International. It was a guest star at the Olympics. The pool was green with envy.


North Korea develops a nuclear warhead. Greaaaaaaaaaat.


Georgia Love Picks Lee Over Matty. Love is dead and I’m done.


Admittedly, the last one isn’t even a spec on the disastrous record of this year. But, much like my attachment to Drake and Rihanna, and Calvin Harris and Taylor – they were the shreds keeping my hope alive. Honestly, this year has truly been feral and it’s not even close to being over! 2017 couldn’t get here soon enough.


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