Dear Republicans (Be sensible)

Dear Republicans,

Subject: An open letter, a final plea.

There are so many things I could say. We could talk about how Trump wants to activate the use of nuclear weapons in the US. We could talk about the Wall. We could talk about how he wants to fight gun violence with guns. We could talk about his views on abortion, foreign policy, immigration and on climate change. But the thing is, all these conversations would lead to the same conclusion, he is unfit to lead a country.

Let me introduce myself, I’m a 22 year old from Australia. I grew up in what was an era of renewed hope in the United States. That was all because of one man, Barack Obama. It’s amazing what one man can do to a country, and inspire globally.  I fear that Trump could have the same level of impact, just in the opposite way.

I’m not writing this to tell anyone to vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s not my place to do that. Instead, I believe the Republican party needs a new candidate. To be seen as a legitimate party, this is the only way. Many have spoken out this week, including former Presidential candidate John McCain, withdrawing their support for ‘the Donald’. Surely, that is a sign.

Trump and his supporters have been a laughing stock worldwide, but it’s high time you and I take this problem seriously. This verbal floundering maniac can’t even pay his taxes, so what makes you think he would make a capable head of state.

Please don’t let hindsight be the chord that pulls in rationality. He is going to cost you the election or the respectability your country, so act swiftly.

Sincerely –

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