Tiaryn Will Turn Heads With Debut Single “Cement Love”


Tiaryn has emerged from the heart of the Melbourne music scene with her debut single, Cement Love. Both empowering and vulnerable, she navigates through her inhibitions about modern day monogamy with her unique blend of electronic-pop.

Despite her jazz background, Tiaryn, as many of us have are, became captivated with the swells of arts, culture, and music in Melbourne. Diving in head first, she started sewing seeds in the underground by collaborating with numerous artists and bands. Drawing on these experiences, and her classical background, she is off to a flying start.

Cement Love is a peculiar blend of percussion, melodic chords, and sampled soundscapes. The sonic roller-coaster cruises through the surfy vibes of the verse, creates a sensation weightlessness during the airy, echoey bridges, and peaks at the chorus as all the elements come together.

However, it will be Tiaryn’s vocals that you remember. With elements of Tina Arena in her lower register, her spectacular higher range also stands firm, gliding over the acrobatic melody. The rumours are true, classical training pays off!

The songstress simultaneously delivers a vulnerable, yet empowering vocal as she comes to terms with the dynamics of contemporary relationships.

“As a child raised in a Christian family, I was brought up with a strong value for monogamy. This song came about from realising the limits of monogamy, and the desperation when certainty fades” said Tiaryn.

Her astonishing pop-sensibilities and soaring vocals make Tiaryn one to watch. If you’re around, be sure to check out her launch on September 17 in Melbourne!



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