Fan Girl

Fan Girl have emerged with the third video in the trilogy of ‘Let’s Kill Our Insides On-Screen’, with a classic Melbourne twist on DZ Deathrays’ music video for The Mess Up, and Dune Rats’ infamous Red Light Green Light music video. 

Much like DZ Deathrays, the lads pound shot after shot (except theirs are of the espresso variety) over the soundtrack of their new sonic circus, NoLita.

Sat in a local caffeine dwelling, the boys look ominously at one another before chugging back the first cappuccino. You wince as they scold their oesophagus’, and are handed their next obstacle, the latte. Eventually the gents hit the seizure inducing, rapid fire round, as the screen flashes violently.

This is when it becomes an instructional tape on “how to give up drinking hot milk products”, as the duo hit their limit and race out to the street to do the inevitable. Both sickening and compelling, the video is the perfect match to the Nescafè-blend intensity ofNoLita.

While the video is less extreme than its predecessors, the track itself wins the Gold medal as far as we’re concerned. Fans of Radiohead and The Beach will flock to this schizophrenic journey of mismatched hooks and lush harmonies. The song features a variety of sounds including circus organs, drums, and a guitar thunderstorm.

Despite the video’s humour, if you listen closely the lyrics strike a very different chord. Detailing feelings of desolation in an unfamiliar city, vocalist Noah Harris exposes his vulnerability in his search for familiarity by reaching out to an old friend.

Can also be found on AAA Backstage.



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