Writer’s Block

Every now and then you’ll hear or read a voice that hypnotises you. The process of listening, reading or looking becomes effortless because what you have in front of you is a masterpiece. All of this of course is subjective, but an immense pleasure when it happens.

When you write there are times of monumental inspiration – moments when you feel your words will serve a greater purpose in someones life. You operate under the illusion that  you will find that hypnotising voice that reels everyone in, and swallows them whole.

Whilst it’s a nice thought, it’s a bit narcissistic to believe you possess such a talent. To be fair, very few do. And if someone does manage to find it, it’s only ever for a brief moment – whether it be a novel, a chapter, or even a sentence.

The tantalizing reality is, most of your words have little to no consequence. It’s true, words can be weapons, but they can also passively wash over you, and fade into the corners of your mind.

At the moment I’m struggling to write something of consequence. I could bore you all with rant about the wonders of travel (a blog post that I’ve seen far too many times), or I could do the gracious thing and wait for an idea. An idea that may not be hypnotising, but one that may bear some element of originality.

Who knows when this will end, but hopefully it will be soon (fingers crossed).

In the mean time, enjoy this hypnotising ditty by Kat Edmonson.



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