The Myths of New York

  • Coffee – it’s not terrible! In fact, it’s actually great. Go to Starbucks and find a coffee that suits you. There’s thousands of types, so surely you’ll like one of them.
  • Metro – it’s not confusing, it’s crazy efficient. Street traffic is insane, and UberPool is weird, so it is by far the fastest option. Also much like Melbourne, New York is like a grid, so it’s very easy to navigate.
  • The streets are mean – nope! Don’t let directness be confused with frustration. New Yorkers want you to see their city. Ask anyone and they’ll gladly tell you where to go. A man even swiped his metro card for me so that I could make a train. They answer quickly and abruptly, but it’s said with wonderful intentions.
  • They have Monopoly money – true! It’s paper and it’s weird, but what they have going for them is $1 notes.  I’ve had a shrapnel free week, which has been liberating for my wallet.
  • Times Square is a nightmare – depends. If you hate crowds, you’re not going to have a great time. It’s packed from 11AM – 1AM daily, and selfie sticks run wild. But if you’re from a smaller city like me, it’s amazing to see. There is probably more light bulbs in there than the whole of Brisbane. It’s so beautiful.
  • Brooklyn is a dive – wrong, wrong, oh so wrong. It’s the best borough. Juliano’s pizza is life changing, the view of the skyline is stellar, the shopping is 10/10 and the ice-cream factory is my new home. And don’t even get me started on their Pale Ale… God Bless America alright. There’s a reason it’s home to 2.5 million New Yorkers.

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