Should we stand for something, or just stand in the way?

This is a small rant from a tired mind.

Politics is now filled with empty vessels: well-oiled politicians propelled by bureaucratic interests, with others campaigning with the sole intention of blocking them. It’s quite apparent as to why average joe’s are running against the pollies – but what do they stand for.

James Mathison –  an ex-Australian idol host, has literally entered the political race with the sole purpose of dismantling Tony Abbott. Not going to lie, Abbott is an incurable dullard. But, what are Mathison’s policies? People have cited his Twitter account (off to a great start), which feature the occasional rant about the mistreatment of asylum seekers and climate change. But sadly, 60 retweets and the odd hashtag isn’t going to change a thing.

Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar, with Law and Economics degrees. He is more than qualified to interpret the complexity and fiscal challenges of politics and the economy. Mathison may know how to host a TV program, but not a G20 summit. He needs a lot more than his blind optimism to succeed here.

Politics is about standing for something, not standing in someones way. Mathison is not a politician, he is a road block. I understand wanting to prevent Abbott’s re-election – it’s about protecting Australia. But to provide any service to the nation, you actually need to have something to offer. No more empty vessels, please.


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