Cosmic Place

We are, he says, “just a chemical scum on
a moderate-sized planet, orbiting round a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies.”
– Stephen Hawking

On a daily basis we become consumed by our penny sized, earthly affairs that they begin to appear as Everest sized issues. But in the scheme of things, even Everest isn’t a mountain – it’s a molehill. Earth is just a fragment of a 13 billion year old universe, and we are merely specks of dust. From generation to generation, we have developed a great sense of self-entitlement. But the truth is, we are cosmically insignificant.

It’s a sobering thought, but an important realisation to have. It puts our earthly concerns into perspective. Global warming, financial crises, poverty – when you look at those from a cosmic standpoint, they become bite-sized, and more manageable. Of course it is impossible to think of everything wrong in the world – the endless pain and the suffering that runs rampant from continent to continent. But, there are 7 billion humans on this planet. Surely with these numbers on our side, we can resolve some of these problems.


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