Daze for Days

 Some days make complete sense – everything you set out to do got done; you can rest easy, you checked all the boxes. But, other days are completely nonsensical and you’re left wondering a great many things; should I have got out of bed this morning, why was I there at that exact moment, and generally just what the fuck? Last week I had one of those days. People who I didn’t intend to see cropped up, inspiration struck where I wasn’t expecting it, and I experienced perhaps the worst caffeine withdrawal of my life. Today I think the news cycle had a similar kind of day. So here is what I learnt on 19/04/2016.

  1. Donald Trump claims that the Twin Towers fell on 7/11. No buddy, that’s a convenience store.
  2. Freddie Mercury after several scientific investigations was deemed the greatest vocalist of all time.
  3. Melbourne gained a testicular thermometer that shrivels up when it’s cold.
  4. Doris Roberts (the Mum off Everybody Loves Raymond) passed away.
  5. Never seen photos of my Queen Amy Winehouse were released by Charles Moriarty.

Now there is no metaphor here, these stories are in no way connected. Some were surprising, others definitely not. They’re scattered, fascinating, and unscheduled much like the last few weeks of my life. But, that’s okay. Trump thinking 9/11 happened on 7/11 is not okay, but having a weird day here and there is.


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