What Trump Got Right

This will be short because I honestly can’t find it within myself to praise Donald Trump for long. However, it does have to be said – the man is honest. He doesn’t delude the public with political jargon, or even try to sugarcoat things – he says it how he sees it. There is no denying that he subscribes to the moron society, but the sad reality is I get why people are drawn to him.

Democratically Australia has been compromised in the last decade with three of our elected Prime Minister’s being usurped mid-term. The fate of same-sex marriage is also being held hostage as a re-election tactic; and even after the election there’s no telling if they will uphold their end of the bargain. The trust has been lost between the elected and the electorate on a global scale. So, having the masses favour someone as indelicate and upfront as Trump can’t be surprising.

That said, he is also gaining popularity through provocation, and demagoguery. In many ways he fits the definition of a politician.


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