Why aren’t we talking about the Maldives?

It might be a picturesque holiday destination, but hidden behind the resorts and palm trees there is a sinister game at play. If you haven’t heard about the Petro Regime you wouldn’t be alone. Somehow, it has gone completely unnoticed by the media. That is, until recently.

Mohamed Nasheed is the first name you need to know. He was once an acclaimed world Climate Change spokesperson, democratic leader, and former President of the Maldives. However, he is currently serving a thirteen year prison sentence as a result of a totalitarian regime that swindled the nation in 2012.

An important thing to note is that Nasheed was the first democratically elected President of the Maldives. However, much like a clingy ex, the former dictatorship just couldn’t let it go. After creating an alliance with Islamic extremists, the former dictator’s half-brother Abdulla Yameen orchestrated a violent coup in 2012. Nasheed was held at gun point that led to his forced resignation.

Yameen installed himself as President by rigging the election process, and Nasheed was jailed on counts of “terrorism.” However, Nasheed was not the only target. At present, every opposition leader in the country are in prison or under threat, along with 1,700 citizens who peacefully defended the democratic system. Independent media outlets have been pillaged, journalist’s have gone missing, and most recently the former lawyer for Nasheed was stabbed in the head in broad daylight in the Maldives’ capital Male.

The sad truth is the Maldives has become a breeding ground for terrorism and corruption. More than 200 people from the Maldives have joined ISIS, leaving the nation with the highest number per capita of any state in the world. As it is such a sought after tourism destination, the likelihood of a repeat of the attacks similar to the beaches of Tunisia, that killed 38 tourists, is high.

There are many factors at play here, ISIS and the death of democracy to name a few. So how on earth is Kelly Clarkson trending on Facebook, yet this gets swept under the rug?



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