Too Old; Too Young

I think about age almost as much as the British talk about weather. It’s an absolute fixation, and not a healthy one. There have always been things I thought that I was too young for, and now some things I’m too old for. Here are some examples.

  1. Too old to drink UDL’s
  2. Too young to drive a luxury car.

I’ll stand by those statements, but it reaches a point where this fixation becomes restricting. I never want to feel closed off from certain possibilities. Today I read about a woman who on her fortieth birthday took up ice-skating again. As a child it was her passion, but when adolescence struck it was clear that she wasn’t good enough to pursue it professionally. She felt  too old for a hobby, and that she needed to focus on a realistic future. She was fifteen.

Obviously I’m not saying chase all your unrealistic dreams. But, just because you are a certain age, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. If you’re anything like my Grandma, don’t let being 75 stop you from skydiving in Dubai. Yes this is an extreme example, but she loved it.

Today, there is no set path we have to take. We’re never all going to do the same things, at the same time, in the same way. Things aren’t as linear as they used to be. People on average change careers seven times nowadays. Changing direction and experimenting is always an option, no matter how old you are. You are never too young, or too old, to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, or go where you want to go.

Of course with age does come wisdom, so don’t neglect that. For instance, if you have been divorced twice, don’t forget that prenup. And don’t think for a second that having a coffee at 6pm won’t keep you up this time. It will, you moron. But! There is always room for child-like optimism. Seeing the world as a place of endless possibilities really will enrich your life.


1 thought on “Too Old; Too Young

  1. Au contraire! I say go ahead and chase that dream, no matter how “unrealistic.” You may surprise everyone, and most especially yourself.


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