This Modern Love

Will Darbyshire, a guilty pleasure of mine, comes up with aesthetically pleasing, and emotionally enriching ideas on a weekly basis. He makes you think, question and analyse the darkest and lightest parts of yourself. This Modern Love is yet another. His book essentially crowdsources advice that will help people solve the riddle of heartbreak.

I love this idea – putting your own experience on paper in the feeble hope that someone might understand. After all that’s kind of why this blog exists. Whilst I love writing here, it seems like a one way street. Me just pouring out my soul to a handful of people who seem to care about what I say. Thank you by the way. But sadly, that’s the trap of writing. It’s very much a solo experience. Sometimes it will resonate with someone, but it lacks interactiveness that I think could help the process.

So it sort of gave me an idea, for a website called Outlet. A broad forum that spans things from song recommendations, to advice on how to manage depression. This won’t be a neat website with a singular purpose. It will be messy, but so is life, so there’s no use in sugar coating it. It will allow people to vent, to read and to explore different ideas and options.

Coaxing each other through things, I think, is integral to the human experience. But, at times we can be isolated. Therefore, having an avenue like this available could really help people. Rather than writing a page length Facebook status where nobody really cares, it would just offer a location where you can find help. With literally whatever the fuck you are struggling with.

This is very much a Work In Progress, and this post is literally an essay length post-it-note to myself. But it’s an idea I’m in love with. So I will try and run with it 🙂


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