Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood

troye sivan

To drift off to sleep, a quiet mind is paramount. But I’ve come down with a serious case of earworm. For about three days now, Troye Sivan’s Youth has been trapped in my mind. The constant replay is sending me to the brink of insanity, and I fear I may not return.

In attempt to get him out of my head, I embarked on Sivan Saturation. A process of playing his music non-stop, all day until I’m sick of it. But rather than doing it’s job, this process has made me love him even more.

Last year Sivan released a video trilogy called Blue Neighbourhood. It recounts the lives of two best friends who grew up together. Because society is fucked, their homosexual orientation causes them significant grief, as family and friends shun them both. This, and a culmination of other tragedies leads to the suicide of Sivan’s beloved in the video for Talk Me Down. 

With our short attention spans, people are becoming less and less engaged in the News headlines. So, using platforms such as music videos is ideal to get traction for confronting issues like suicide, gay bashing and domestic violence. Of course Sivan isn’t anywhere near the first to do this, Hozier’s Take Me To Church video also raises similar issues. But there’s something about this series. It feels personal, and the amalgamation of the videos just packs an emotional punch. You get attached the characters, so the issues just feel more real.

I know I’m a thousand years late to the party, but Troye Sivan is remarkable.


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