Risk or Reckless

This question plagues the conscience of every twenty-something at some stage of their early adult career. A night out before an early start, speeding through the yellow light, or drinking red wine on the carpet. They’re all things we’ve done that could easily go wrong. As younglings we’re fed the old wives tale, “take risks.” Celebrities in particular like to brag about how they took a chance, and that it paid off! Look at them now, LA royalty. But, where is the line between risk and reckless.

Lately, I’ve done things I wouldn’t ordinarily do and thankfully there have been minimal consequences. But, I think my lucky streak might run out soon. It’s Murphy’s Law. So, to prevent this, I’ve decided to take my actions under more consideration. Until I decipher whether something is reckless or a risk, it simply cannot happen. Trouble is, I have no clue how do this.

If I spend my days tossing up the endless consequences, I’ll have grey hair by 22. So I’ve narrowed the criteria into two sections – long term effects and long term benefits. For something to be considered a risk, it must have the possibility for future benefits. Recklessness is characterised by short-term stupidity, or in many of our drunkenness. So before you run that red light, or hook up with that guy that your friend likes – think it through. Despite the adrenalin, some things just aren’t worth it.


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