Learn from Eachother

  1. They say when America sneezes, Australia catches the cold. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case with regards to marriage equality. In between tearing each other apart, our political parties seem to have very little time to be productive.  Thankfully, America seems to be on the ball. In June 2015, the US constitution was amended, enabling same-sex couples to marry.
  2. Tad biased towards my home ground, ‘staya. But, we are a pretty fantastic bunch. Unequivocally, the best thing we did was implement strict gun regulations. Yes America I’m talking to you. It took 35 deaths to prompt action here. You’re up to 10,781 this year.
  3. Sadly, Australia did lose some brownie points when free tertiary education was abolished. Findland, however, is on the right track. A high level of education is beneficial for the development of society including business and industry. Therefore, it  is a collective economic issue. Education is defined neither as a private investment nor a commodity, but a civil right. So, individual human beings should not have to pay for it.
  4. Denmark is saving the planet, one wind turbine at a time. In 2014, 39.1% of their power was sourced from renewable energy. With climate change breathing down our neck, that’s some food for thought.
  5. Live to a ripe old age is also possible in Iceland. With an average life expectancy of 81.2, the results are undeniable. Despite the relatively high chance of hypothermia, Icelandic people have been ranked the happiest people in the world. There you have it, happy people live longer.

1 thought on “Learn from Eachother

  1. Very interesting points – thought provoking!


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