The Bucket List

  1. Get royally lost.
  2. Spend one month without a phone or internet.
  3. A road trip alone, with my best friend and a person I love.
  4. Learn Spanish, Italian or Greek.
  5. Travel as extensively as my bank account will permit.
  6. Live in my favourite city.
  7. Live at the beach.
  8. Audition for a talent show.
  9. Write a book.
  10. Learn guitar/ukulele.
  11. Go to music festivals and concerts.
  12. Go on exchange.
  13. Run a marathon (even if it’s 5 km’s).
  14. See Canada.
  15. Read more.
  16. Finish knitting that blanket I started five years ago.
  17. Learn to cook.
  18. Go snowboarding!
  19. Watch all the classic movies.
  20. Be my own boss.
  21. Learn to film.

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