The Chase

For me, there’s always been something mystifying about the unattainable. The added complication of not being able to have something straight away just heightens the anticipation. However, that endorphin rush comes to a rapid close as soon as that one thing becomes available.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who finds the chase more gratifying than the catch. A few weeks ago, after a couple of vodka lime sodas, in the dingiest bar you can imagine, a young gentleman bared his soul. He told me an inspiring love story involving him and two chicks.

Once upon a time there were two chicks.  One was hot, and one was not. It was a Saturday night, when a young gentlemen came across an unlikely sight. Two women battling for his affections! Whilst the hotter one showed more interest, the simpleton played hard to get. And thus, his conquest was set. The End. This why I don’t write short stories.

I’m not sure whether it’s the intrigue, or having to work for something that gets me hooked. But it’s sad how often this happens. Why on earth are people wired this way? The whole romance game would be much simpler if we just met someone, liked him or her, and then asked them out. But for me, that doesn’t work.

Thank fully, there are exceptions to rules. There are certain people who maintain that endorphin rush, even after you get them. So I guess, to the emotionally stunted, keep your eyes peeled. Those are the people that are worth your time.

(Apologies for the Elite Daily style of this article, come down with a bad case of writers block lately).


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