What I learnt after a month abroad –

1. How to say bitch, asshole, bastard and fuck you in sign language.

2. That Greek’s couldn’t actually care less about the economic crisis.

3. Italian’s are more creepy than charming.

4. There is a divey bar called the Eagle set on the ground where Watson and Crick discovered DNA.

5. The coffee in Greece is the best in the world.

6. The Book of Mormon is a must.

7. Venice is just a bunch of murano glass stores and pizzerias.

8. Croakies are more practical than embarrassing.

9. Tourists get played like fiddles, so try your best to blend in. In other words, don’t buy a selfie stick.

10. Selfie sticks are fucking everywhere.

11. Don’t go to St Mark’s Square or Hyde Park when the pigeons are being fed. They’re terrifying.

12. Merlot is life.

13. American’s and people from Birmingham are the friendliest people ever.

14. Driving on the other side of the road is actually easier than you’d think.

15. The best way to experience a culture is through food.


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