Why I won’t be buying the new iphone

Why I hate iPhones – There’s nothing more painful than flicking between your bank balance and the lists of the new features of the latest edition. Spending money on such an expensive item actually hurts physically; the process of researching, finding the best price and finally mustering the courage to buy it. Only to find that you’re back in the same predicament a year later because of the new and improved model.

Obsolescence has been a business tactic since the year dot – it’s rage-inducing and a very expensive habit. Back when Tamagotchis were all the rage I had one from every generation, and with each new model, the old got left behind. We’re raised with the premise that new is always better and that material objects are disposable. Whilst to an extent this is true, the cycle is never-ending as our consumption habits become more insatiable and we’re left even more out of pocket. Not to mention that all our unused items are left in piles of landfill.

On a student budget, it’s a completely ridiculous to upgrade my phone or laptop on an annual basis. But even worse is the realisation that the entire globe is living beyond its means. I’m sorry in advance for going “green” on you, but the whole system is quite frankly fucked. The central issue is – product longevity isn’t profitable. It doesn’t make money, please shareholders or buy ferraris. So, instead, we fill the earth with waste just so that we can make friends jealous with our latest purchase.

But what goes unseen is that the environment and the third world are paying the price for us. They end up taking or waste and guilt so that its out of sight and mind.

So what can do? Simple. Say no!
It’s time to get annoyed because none of this is okay. We can make brands change their behaviour, get them to develop durable and sustainable items, and the way that we dispose of them should be equally responsible and eco-friendly. We need to stop and think before we buy and not just participate in the boxing day style frenzies. Look for quality over quantity, and consider ways you can make an item last.


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