Irrational Fear

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Anatidaephobia. The fear of being constantly watched by a duck.

Fear comes in a thousand and one forms; nomophobia, arachnophobia, xenophobia. Personally, I find the worst breed of it is unforeseen panic, which happens at the strangest moments. It strikes and you’re left paralysed for what usually feels like century and a half. People rally around you asking what they can do, but sadly in most cases this is a storm you have to weather alone.

For me, the biggest trigger is airports. Heathrow airport is the host of my nightmares – thousands lining up, herded like cattle to their execution (bag check). Is this melodramatic? Absolutely. I foresee losing my passport during the re-packing process or some bastard chucking meth into my suitcase without my knowledge. And unlike Walter White, I would not handle that well.

To be honest, life in general is plagued with scenarios like this. Honestly there are some days that I can’t even muster the courage to get up and brave it. The only cure for this is perspective. Many fear flying, and understandably so after the past year. But realistically speaking, planes remain the safest form of transportation.

We all get caught up into our own inner catastrophes that sometimes leave us for dead. But, often the problem lives in our head. Everything can be resolved, it’s just a matter of exercising your reason in those stressful scenarios. It’s an absolute bitch to master, but hopefully once I grasp it I’ll be far more pleasant to travel with.

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