Carpe Diem vs. Yolo


The Yolo phenomenon took Gen Y by storm, becoming a justification for just about anything. It can range from spending a months rent on shoes, all the way to sky-diving off a roof onto concrete. To be frank, it seems to have become an excuse to do something fundamentally stupid. The issue with the word is that it’s blind to reality and consequences. It encourages people to act recklessly and abandon all sense of logic. Two things which I’m highly reluctant to do.

Believe me, I’m not saying don’t take risks. I’m saying, seize the day – in a way that makes sense to you and seems fulfilling. In other words, carpe diem. Go beyond the boundaries of the status quo and see what lies behind it. It’s a sure way to live a full, wholesome life that could lead you somewhere quite extraordinary.

Yolo, however, is selfish and shortsighted. It’s like saying “life is short, so do what you want and don’t listen to anyone.” This philosophy is inherent to Gen Y. We’ve become self-obsessed with experiences and completely disregard consequences and wisdom. Carpe diem is about seizing the day to ensure that tomorrow is even better. Instead, Yolo assumes that there may not even be a tomorrow. And I don’t know about you, but I want to have as many tomorrow’s as possible.


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