Nothing Else Matters

Today I actually shared a video on my Facebook page. I’ve never done that before in my life. But to be honest, this video changed my life. American rapper & Youtuber Prince Ea wrote a poem, an expressive fight for the environment as he illustrated how we are plummeting towards extinction. The clincher is, he’s 100% right. Nothing else matters – because without our earth, we’ve got nothing. To be honest I’ve heard it all before from news forums and politicians – but honestly it was a complete bore. Listening to him was a pleasure and a wake up call. So I thought I would give it a try. Here goes nothing.

We were meant to be a community
But everyone has turned into the enemy
Since we decided everything is a competition
Filled with conditions, we are conditioning ourselves
To be the victim, the actors, the enablers
Stop being an institutions instrument
And play by the moment, on your emotions
Investigate your options,
The horizon isn’t linear, can I make it clearer
We are scraping by our teeth just to make ends meat
Enjoying less and less, becoming useless
Time to face our disgrace as the human race
Switch on your minds and rewind
Where did we go wrong, time to right wrongs
This isn’t a poem, it’s a totem –
To the users and abusers, to the used and abused
Make figments a reality, with complete totality
I won’t take no for an answer, we’re headed for disaster.



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