Why Gen Y?

  • Why do we share links more freely than emotions and ideas?
  • Why do we take a million photos, but have very few memories?
  • Why is our ego big and our self-esteem small?
  • Why do we retweet pictures of starving children, but donate nothing?
  • Why do we have watches that read our emails, while we can’t even be on time?
  • Why is a relationship only official when it’s shared on Facebook?
  • Why do we have five hundred Facebook friends and five real life ones?
  • Why do we have several degrees, but no job prospects?
  • Why does social media have the word social in it? What’s social about sitting in front of a computer?
  • Why do we prefer to Skype over real face to face communication?
  • Why do we have strong ideas, but little understanding?
  • Why are we disconnected from each other when we live in a time where it’s possible to call someone on the other side of the world?

Why aren’t things adding up anymore?
A: Us.


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