Break Free

r e s t r i c t i o n s. noun.
The condition of absolute entrapment and suppression. 

When someone says we can’t do something, inevitably instinctive rebellion will ensue. I can’t be constricted by constructs, expectations, ideologies or worse yet the formidable daily routine – I struggle to function. When faced with any two days that mirror each other, I feel drained. Consistency isn’t reassuring, it’s claustrophobic.

m o n o g a m y. noun.
The custom of being dull and co-dependent. 

This may sound cynical, but it’s sincere – relationships are for some and the downfall of others. For free spirits it’s one of the truest forms of subordination. We crave passion and can love fully – in fact it is what we do best. But sadly, it is often short lived. Independence is the only way for us to truly flourish.

e x p e r i e n c e. noun.
The unquenchable thirst governing our daily lives. 

Travel, fast cars, cafes, instruments, movies, new songs and clothes. Anything that constitutes something fresh and exciting; it can be the smallest, most meaningless thing, but it will make our day. The accumulation of stories, new places and acquaintances is what makes up our journey. It’s about making our dreams come true as frequently as possible.

Post Script ~
This is dedicated to the eternally restless, the free spirits and professional day dreamers. The ones bored by reality and suffocating on mundane tasks. Some people chase that high or adrenalin rush; for us it’s about the daily search for absolute freedom and fulfilment.


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