Falling In Love With Strangers

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“Electing strange perfections in any stranger I choose”

To the barista who knows my coffee order by heart; know that I hold you close to mine. Alas, I don’t even know your name. But you know what, I absolutely love that. It means my imagination can create your personality and give you a name that truly fits with your caffeine related talents. Within this world of grubby, greedy humans sometimes less is more. The less we know, the longer someone can remain shiny and mysterious; untarnished by a crude tongue or a crazy ex. Absolutely you meet a handful of individuals who suit you: your soul sisters and soul mates. The ones who understand every fibre of your being. But sadly, finding someone like that is rare, like searching for Migaloo in every bar. So can you blame a girl for not trying?

Instead, I embrace the small things like cherishing the good kissers and exciting thirty second conversations. I see the pity in my friends eyes when I tell them this. But these are the same girls who spend their spare seconds pointing out their boyfriends flaws to me. When you go about things my way, flaws don’t have the chance to arise. Sure this makes me vain, commitment-phobic and a key player in the current hook up culture crisis, but I honestly don’t care. These seemingly perfect strangers give me hope, they are the Prince Charming’s of the night life. Someday when I’m ready, one will come along.

So next time you get annoyed at someone for not texting the next day, try and see things our way. We value our freedom and our fairytales simultaneously; a luxury you can’t afford in relationships. The hook up culture is not killing the system of monogamy, it’s preparing us for it. If we became invested in every single person we met; we’d be crushed. But with short, but equally wonderful stories in our arsenal, we’re left with something quite rare – happy endings.


2 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Strangers

  1. It’s difficult for a guy to know what to do. If you text her the next day, then you’re being too clingy and you’re nothing but a needy baby, etc. Then there’s the matter of how long to try to keep up the image of Prince Charming possibilities. My mother claims that my father was really good at this and, after they were married, discovered that it was all a big elaborate lie. Should I reveal my slobby self early and chase her away? Sure, I’ll be left alone, but at least I won’t be accused of being duplicitous. At any rate, I’m sure glad that I’m married and that this is all my past. I’d say that dating is just plain awful, but that doesn’t begin to describe the extent of its horrors. Great post!


    1. Thank you I really appreciate that! Yes dating is complete a minefield, can’t blame a girl for treading carefully!


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