Are You Basic?

“If you see me as ordinary
It’s not something I planned baby”

Ordinary; The Preatures ★

If you listen to The Preatures, you can already breathe a sigh of relief, you’re already too alternative to be classified as ordinary. Last week I heard a recycled term – basic bitch. These are the women in society who are the IKEA of humans, mass produced and scattered across the globe into our homes. They have characteristics that are so common that it’s become a real talent to spot them. In my view we all have some basic, highly mainstream traits. However it’s the terminal cases that follow the basic bible that have me concerned. We live in a society where it seems that every idea has already been had, so being original has become almost as mythic as the American Dream.

Being classified as basic is an absolute fear of mine. I have crippling nightmares about being surrounded by groups of clones wearing the same fast fashion, reading the same book from the New York Times bestseller list, whilst simultaneously preaching Taylor Swift lyrics. Sounds freakishly similar to high school… Don’t get me wrong, I’m a woman so it’s physically impossible for me to dislike Taylor Swift, but even I have my limits. It’s reached the stage that when I meet someone slightly alternative every fibre of my being gets excited; I channel all my hopes into this person and absolutely pray that they carry Generation Y past the point of ordinary to original.

Conformity and complacency is the cancer of art. If you’re looking for a new song and your first pit stop is the iTunes top 10, you are one of the laziest people on earth. Go and look for what you want; don’t just settle for what the masses are bopping along to this week. Today it’s become a natural social practise to categorise people into various groups such as hipster, indie, metro, punk – honestly whatever. But why are we hitching our wagon to socially constructed archetypes?

The worst band-wagoners are basic bitches. These are the girls who get their star sign tattooed on their wrists, string together emoji’s instead of sentences and quote Mean Girls on a daily basis. Beyoncé is their religion, the mall is their natural habitat, the Bachelor is their favourite TV show and they compare every single person to a Sex and the City character. They Instagram their food, have little to no sense of humour, cry at the end of the Notebook and have an unhealthy obsession with Ryan Gosling. Whether you’re one of their babes or her bae you’ll eventually grow tired of her inability to form opinions, her cheesy quotes that are plastered on the walls and her Grey’s Anatomy or Bones marathons.

If you identified with most of what I just said, quickly tune your radio to Triple J and dye your hair a tragically fluro colour to hide how ordinary you are. There is so much more to see in the world and you’re just scraping the surface. Read that book nobody has ever heard of, listen to that wildly unpopular artist or even grow a cactus over a rose bush. Just please, even for a minute a day, think out of your socially constructed box.


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