Sheena Sharma’s “The Success Paradox”

In the wild they can be spotted in couture, whilst their clacking heals can be heard for miles. They’re the strong, the single, the steadfast, the morally bound, the sharp-tongued and the quick-witted. They’re the ones all girls wish to be and the ones that men fear the most. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the twenty-first century woman.

Today I read an eye opening article written by Sheena Sharma called The Success Paradox; Why a Woman’s Independence Intimidates Men, and it rang true. Sharma argues that women are now propelled by success rather than motherhood or becoming the grade A wife. They’re leaving behind the old institutions of gender inequality and with it the housewife life. We’ve been conditioned to operate like men, to pursue success tirelessly. So out of habit, our dating styles and preferences have changed to accompany this new mentality.

However the shift hasn’t been welcomed by portions of the male populous as they seem affronted by this new-age of woman. Does our boldness threaten their masculinity? Sharma notes that not only are we on the rise in the workforce; but so are our expectations of our male counterparts. Personally I think she’s right and why shouldn’t we have higher expectations of men? They expected us to cook and clean for the most part of history, so I feel we’re entitled to have our own predispositions.

Sheema also observed a trend of attraction between powerful men and meek women, ones that won’t challenge authority or question motives. In his mind she’ll happily birth and raise the offspring while he goes off to work to fuck his secretary because his wife is devoid of personality.

Successful women are aware of this and so often remain unattached. They would sooner die than endorse the perception that women are sex objects and baby ovens. Sharma notes that men choosing less accomplished women is the highest betrayal, so we can’t be blamed for creating a heightened screening process – it’s our defense mechanism.

That said romance isn’t off the table. It’s just no longer a prerequisite for a woman. We’re on the lookout for someone with a work ethic not dissimilar from our own, and with aligning values. A partnership of equals. But if we don’t find that, it’s not the end of the world.

Through the three waves of feminism we’ve learnt independence and in a cumulative effort proven our worth in the workforce. So to the men still operating in a 20th century mindset, get a grip, we’re just getting started.

Read Sharma’s article here.


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