Qualities of Successful Women

In a recent study, Caliper found that female leaders were more qualified to be CEO’s than their male counterparts. The study took into consideration over two million applicants, and the results were quite interesting. As a result of their enhanced interpersonal skills, women are more capable of being empathetic, flexible and even assertive. They understand their colleagues and how they can get the job done, rather than just marching ahead without a unified strategy.

Caliper also determined the top six traits of successful women. They were:

  1. Assertiveness. Standing their ground.
  2. Aggressiveness. Knowing when to put their foot down.
  3. Empathy. The ability to listen and practise understanding.
  4. Ego strength. Confidence.
  5. Energy. The ability to take care of themselves.
  6. Stress tolerance. They know how to control their stress levels.

“These qualities combine to create a leadership style that is inclusive, open, consensus building, collaborative and collegial” – Herb Greenburg, Ph.D., President and Chief Officer of Caliper.


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