Inner-workings of an Outgoing Introvert

I define myself as an outgoing introvert. Not because I’m overly social, but because I fall somewhere in between. Outgoing introverts differ from textbook introverts because we deliberately force ourselves out into the world (even if it’s worlds away from our comfort zone). Often people confuse us with extraverts, but internally we operate very differently.

  • One symptom of being an introvert is that after a long day we need to retreat within ourselves and recharge. Humanity exhausts us on a daily basis.
  • Next up, whilst we can be the life of a party, we live completely in our heads. I’m very introspective and overthink every little detail of a conversation. Something that an extrovert would dismiss with ease I could spend days contemplating.
  • If we like you, we really like you. Introverts find casual friendships exhausting. They aren’t mentally or emotionally stimulating so we find them physically draining. We crave deep relationships with substance. So if I want to hang out with you, take it as a huge compliment.
  • We have a fluctuating relationship with our phones. Some days we will happily spend hours talking to various friends. But there will be days where we won’t even reply to a text. See the phone is highly intrusive device that invades our thinking time. I like to focus wholeheartedly on one thing; so when someone wants me to look at my phone whilst contemplating world hunger, it’s a lot for my mind to comprehend.
  • It takes us a while to warm up. I won’t outwardly express myself and tell you my life story within an hour of meeting you. There needs to be a strong enough foundation for me to feel comfortable around you.
  • We are selectively social because one of two things happens. Best-case scenario we get along well with this particular group, and in turn become very energetic and lively from the excitement. Or (the more likely option) we don’t. In this case we often withdraw. I hate conversational barriers and small talk. I would literally sever a limb to avoid it.
  • We’re human lie detectors. I will find out the truth either way, so keep it honest.

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