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  1. Foster differences. Encourage others to express their creativity and put your money where the quirks lie.
  2. Join the dream team. Surround yourself with people who are governed by their imaginations, not the trends. Seek out people with different passions. You’ll experience exponentially more.
  3. Do what you want. If it’s unpalatable, don’t eat it, date it or major in it.
  4. Put yourself in the ring. Spectators aren’t the ones who make history; it’s the people throwing the punches.
  5. Speak up. Say what others are afraid to, praise the good and challenge the cynics. Be the voice of change.
  6. Murder the ego and nurture the humblest parts of yourself. Your ego will be your demise.
  7. Drop the titles – King, Queen, Doctor, Lawyer. It’s not your title that matters, it’s who it belongs to.
  8. Break boundaries – just because you’ve never been somewhere doesn’t mean you don’t belong there.
  9. Be impressed before you try to be impressive. How do you know how high to aim if you’ve never looked up?
  10. Be an eternal student. Absorb the world – watch movies, read novels, even learn astronomy. They’re all interesting conversational pieces.
  11. Accept friction and lead the mutiny. Get over your fear of imposing and start making waves.
  12. Get stubborn and be unwavering in your beliefs. Getting frustrated and continuing the pursuit takes strength.
  13. Lobotomize culturally insane practices. Slavery was legal once, yet same-sex marriage is illegal. What the actual fuck.
  14. Wield sharp words. “Your tongue is a weapon, kept sharp with use.” If someone or something is gnawing at your conscience, speak up.
  15. Kill off the antagonists in your story. Quit the people who make you feel horrible.
  16. Take advice only from those who you respect. Learn from their example. Think of it as behavioural research.
  17. Belligerently advance. Scars are just proof that you’ve lived an interesting life and taken some risks.
  18. Give yourself chances. You’re not dead yet, things can change if you let them.
  19. Take vacations and unplug from the world. Even if it’s only for a few seconds, three breaths will do. That’s all it takes to preserve your sanity.
  20. Look at the world with childlike curiosity. Look with open eyes and an open mind.

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