Dear Climate Change Atheists

The future is a dying art, laying in a ditch in the dark.
Ticking Bomb – Aloe Blacc

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.51.10 pmDear Climate Change Atheist,

If you believe in divine intervention; that some god is going to raise their hand and request that the ice caps stop melting, please don’t read my blog. I don’t want you here. That being said, if you believe that heat waves, vast fires, rising sea-levels and melting glaciers are forms of heavenly punishment, please also get the fuck off my blog.

Yours sincerely,

 “The sun may never rise again, the question ain’t if but when.”

Dear Climate Change Atheist,

If you believe an extended el Nino period is soley to blame for coral bleaching and extended droughts then I recommend you start taking the weekly crossword, or Sudoku puzzle. Literally anything to boost your IQ.

Yours sincerely,

 “I need you here but all I hear, is the beating of a broken heart.” 

Dear Climate Change Atheist,

If your argument is that the world is actually getting colder, check the stats. In 2013 we saw the fourth warmest year on record since 1988. Not to mention that the ten warmest years on record occurred between 1998 and now. And to those facing blizzards and polar vortexes, climate change doesn’t stipulate that it has to be hot 365 days of the year. Instead, a symptom of climate change is erratic weather patterns.

Yours sincerely,

“Whatever you believe, it’s easy to see, the whole world sitting on a ticking bomb.”

Dear Climate Change Atheist,

You’re a moron. How you haven’t fallen to your death from tripping over your own shoelaces astounds me. Were you dropped as a child? See my dear little fool, I have a life lesson for you. The world is sitting on a ticking bomb, and that bomb is fuelled by your ignorance. The longer you sit there twiddling your hair and pretending this problem doesn’t exist, the less chance we have of fixing it. Some may find your village idiocy endearing, but I am not one of them. May you be the first to go when this globe collapses.

Yours sincerely,

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