A Savvy Single

With less than a month until Valentines Day, I’ve been busily racing the entire female population to the limited supply of Fifty Shades tickets. To be honest, I’ve never been so excited for the day in my life. This movie is going to be amazing.

Lately, there’s a new kind of pride that comes with being a single girl in your twenties. We’re no longer in a rush to become a mans wife or to be a mother. We’re taking our time and exploring our options – having exciting careers and travelling the globe. I can personally say, I’m proud to be single. It’s a statement and a lifestyle that I chose and I respect myself for it.

Other girls bitch to me about being single, dwelling on their lonely nights at home watching Bridget Jones and longing for their Mr Fucking Darcy. To me, coming home to a classic English chick flick sounds pretty great.


So here are my top reasons for staying merrily single. 

  • No restrictions. I don’t have to justify my actions to anyone; except my mother and a jury of friends, who I would be dead in a ditch without. I can wear what I like, talk to who I want and do what I like without hurting someone.
  • Travel. I can go where I want, for as long as I want, without worrying about how it’s affecting someone back home.
  • I prefer staying in. On a rainy night, the most appealing place is my bed. The only company I want is a little Ben and Jerry.
  • I can’t even commit to a TV series. I had an on and off relationship with Breaking Bad for about six months, which is arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time. People grow tiresome a lot quicker, so I need space. But when you’re in a relationship, you don’t have that luxury. They always want to hang out, which grows tedious after about a week.
  • Low tolerance for bullshit. If I don’t text you back, I probably forgot. Not to mention I hate texting. The foundation of relationships are understanding, patience and constant compromise. Three things that I have no interest in.
  • Domestic activities aren’t my forte. Finding enjoyment in cooking and cleaning remains the greatest mystery to me.
  • You want me to share my bed? Seriously? This sheet is mine, this pillow is mine, so go get your own.
  • I’m choosy. If you aren’t tanned, intelligent, well read and hate Game of Thrones, forget it.
  • I want a relationship for the wrong reasons. The free food, accommodation and chauffeur services don’t sound so bad.

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